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Penny Red Black 22


Brand Penny

Want to go fast and look good while doing it? This Penny 22” Skateboard is the one for you. Cruise down the streets with this red Penny deck, Black trucks and red transparent wheels. You’ll practically be super hero status as a blur of you skates past your neighbors. Penny Skateboards are known for quality, speed, and nothing short of a good time. With Abec 7 bearings these boards will take you from 0 to 50 in no time. The only thing separating this board from a fancy Italian sports car is the leather interior. But it will still get you where you need to go! This sleek looking Red Penny Original 22” deck is matched with Custom 3” Black Penny trucks, Red Transparent 59mm 78A super smooth Penny wheels, Penny Abec7 bearings, and black Penny Gumball hardware. Oh, just a word to the wise- try not to get pulled over for speeding.